Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Manifesting Desires

21 May 2008:
I was walking along a dirt road, out in the country of the small town I grew up in. There was a fence along the road and on the other side of it was a ditch with running water. I came upon a woman standing under a tree on the other side of the ditch. We were talking and she started telling me that everything was going to be all right. She said my fortune would come in 36 weeks. She kept saying the same thing over and over. She was very conversational about it, everything is going to be fine, I'd be happy, my fortune would come in 36 weeks.

She was a very simple woman, frankly, she seemed angelic. I know that this was a real message for me, but I don't know how literal to take it. Usually when messages are this direct they are very literal.

I had this dream while I was pregnant. At the time I assumed that it meant my son would be born early. Baby = fortune. Coming at 36 weeks instead of 40. A logical conclusion. I marked the date on the calendar anyway. 36 weeks to the day from the night I had the dream.

My son was not born early, though. So I checked the date on the calendar and fixed in my mind, knowing well that something was going to happen. And what do you know! 36 weeks (to the day) later I was sitting on the couch, holding my little baby. I decided to look at his chakras.

While doing readings I have seen some people that have extra chakras above their heads. I have kind of gotten used to it, at least I'm not surprised by it. However, my son had a chakra that I have never seen before. And it was much farther above his head than I have seen before.

It was beautiful! Describing it would not do it justice, but I'll try. It was a gorgeous shade of purple. not dark, but not light enough to be called lilac. It was sparkly almost and iridescent.

I focused on this chakra, and immediately felt myself shoot through it. It felt like I was moving through a worm-hole. I could see the sides rushing past me a incredible speed. I came to rest in this space that was pink. Fluffy, misty, amazing pink. The air felt so wonderful, and with every breath I took, a wave of love would wash over me! This air had substance to it, and I knew that it was important. I asked where I was and was told that it was god. Source Energy, they said.

They showed me how to use this energy to create things. To form things with the mist and put my intention/attention on the thing I wanted to create until it seemed solid. The process was simple, although I have forgotten a lot of the detail.

My baby's father had been recently saying that he wanted to start a savings account and wanted 20,000 € to pay off debt and put put some money in savings. I practiced that day on creating a savings account. He wanted 20,000, so I tried to create 25,000 or more... I spent a few minutes on it and then went on with my day.

A few months later we found out that his department at work was being transferred to the next state. The moving package included a cash payout of 30,000 €. Wow! Manifesting with this pink stuff really worked!

Isn't there a saying about a leopard not being able to change it's spots? I'm the leopard. I never did another thing with this life-altering information. (I think I still have some work to do as far as what I think I deserve.) But sometimes the universe steps in...

Today I was meditating and it kind of turned into an exercise in manifesting. I was working out the job I want, how busy I want to be. Then all of a sudden a vision pops up like I was looking at a photograph. I saw myself looking at my facebook page. I had posted a comment and a "friend" posted a reply. This "friend" is not someone I know in real life. I immediately thought of her as an angel. The air around her picture was light fluffy pink. Source-Energy.

At first I thought she misspelled facebook, but when I looked again, I saw that what she had written was "It is your fate..."

So, in the midst of all the current upheaval in my life, there is something to look forward to! The job I want, and a reason to stay positive. I even have the past experience to use as a basis of belief. I am so excited!

I think this reminder of how to manifest comes at the perfect time. There is so much more that I would like to create for my new life.

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