Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bluebirds. And "Who Do You Ask for Guidance?"

Today I experienced  miracle. I asked for a sign. A very specific sign. And I received it.

As I was sitting on my front step this morning a scenario was playing through my mind. Decisions, changes, and possible outcomes scurried around in my thoughts. I put a question out into the universe. "Am I making the right decision?" I asked for a sign that this was the right thing for me. I wanted to see a bluebird.

I got busy and forgot about asking the question until, while out for a walk this afternoon, I saw a bluebird. It was sitting on a fencepost and at first glance I thought it was a ceramic figurine. Then it flew up and landed in a nearby tree... Right next to a second bluebird!  Before today I had only seen one bluebird in my entire life. This was truly the answer to my question!

I posted this experience on my Facebook page when I got home and later in the day I received an email from an old friend. She asked me who I direct my questions to when I ask for help. A very good question, I think, because my answer has changed from what it would have been a few years ago and is different than anything I have read.

When I ask for guidance, I just put it out there for anyone to help. I know there are those in spirit whose job it is to help. They love it when we ask because we are more receptive to receiving the signs they are already sending to us.

I used to say that I was asking spirit guides or angels. However, what seems to be the reality is it is myself that I am addressing. 

When I talk about "they" and "them" who send the signs, I am talking about the consciousness of energies that exist in the higher levels. Yes, it is a part of me, and it's a part of you. But it's energy signature is one that never really reaches the Earth level. It is a part of me that never resides in my body, only in the higher levels. 

We exist on multiple levels at the same time. The way I see it is we are made up of many many different layers. Each layer has a different energetic vibration. These energy bodies get lighter and lighter (and farther away from the human body) until each person's energy bodies cross into each other. Eventually, they unite. This is why it is true when people say we are all one. This also makes it true that there is a god "somewhere out there". Each of us at our highest level is god, the god who is really nothing more than the energy of love, and is comprised of the higher energy bodies of every living thing.

I ask "spirit" for guidance. I use spirit as a general term for the awareness in any of my energy layers that are lighter than me, closer to source energy (god energy). Asking guidance from this love energy ensures that the outcome will be the best for everyone involved, not just the best for me from my clouded human perspective.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Asking why. On Trust, Fear, and Patience.

I find myself asking why.

When I reach out to the universe for the answer to this question I feel tightness in my throat and stomach and my head is awash with questions.

Do I want to know why in an effort to control my situation? Is it a control issue to need to make sense out of something confusing? Or is the issue one of letting go and trusting in the universe to bring me to my highest good?

If the universe brings me my highest good then I am brought back to asking why. Why would something so random and unlikely create such a powerful change in me that I am forced into a state of complete upheaval? Is that the answer? Had I been lulled to sleep by contentedness and missed the guidance to go in another direction? Were my desires lit and stomped out by the universe in an effort to trigger my habit of running away? It is, after all, a well-established pattern.

Or could the lesson be one of patience?

 Over time the threat of not having my needs met has caused me to look for quick solutions. Instant gratification seems to hold back the tide of longing that amounts to oceans of fear.

Lack of patience is all about fear.

That is something I have never consciously considered before!

Since starting on a spiritual path my personal goal has been to remove fear from my life. And I have done well in many areas that have caused me to feel fear in the past. I have come to terms with my psychic abilities. I have learned to open my heart and share myself with other people despite the chance I may have to live with rejection afterwards. I am bold, daring, and always ready to take a chance at something new or unconventional. In many respects I am fearless.

However, the fear of lack is a ghost always whispering in my ear. I’m not afraid of lacking things. I don’t really care about things. But I still carry a lot of fear when it comes to my relationships with other people. Most of the time I would rather attempt to entirely eliminate any need for another person rather than own to my actually needing someone else. So I learn all I can, and do everything for myself. Do I fear not having people in my life so I respond proactively by removing any need for them? If I don't need them they can never let me down.

This fear of trusting someone else could be the heart of my difficulties with being patient.

Now, it seems, I start a new chapter. Be patient and learn to trust.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gifting Heart Chakra Energy

It was a spur of the moment idea. I had been doing energy work and clearing my chakras. My heart felt so full of love it was spilling over. So with my thoughts and intention, I invited anyone who wanted to share this energy with me.

With my mind's eye, I saw the space around me fill with people who wanted to share the energy. Some of them I knew, and some were total strangers.

Their reactions took me by surprise. For the most part, the strangers appeared to me as shadows. They filed in, stood in my energy field, and left with no emotion. They remained shadows. However, those I knew appeared with their full personalities.

I began doing this exercise as a result of some information I channeled in December and have been doing it almost daily ever since.

There is always something unique that happens with every session and I find it beautiful the way our collective spirit(s) responds to the invitation of love.

Here are a few of the experiences that stand out the most to me...

I have seen strangers bring friends with them. And have also noticed that the number of strangers that show up increases every time I do the exercise. Sometimes I get a scene in my mind's eye of a busy hospital waiting room. And that is appropriate in a way because heart chakra energy is healing energy.

E is someone I have known for a really long time. She is a dear friend and she knows I love her because I have told her many times. However, when I sent out the thought to share the heart chakra energy, she stood just at the edge of the energy field. She looked very sad, as if she thought the invitation was for everyone else and not her. I had to specifically invite her in.

Another friend I'll call C jumped right in and started dancing around, pleased as punch to be there! This made me laugh, as she always does.

L is a bit aloof in life, but when I sent out the intention to share the energy, he was one of the first to arrive. He hugged me and would not let go throughout the entire exercise. In fact, this is the way he responds nearly every time I offer to share heart chakra energy.

J was a brand new friend who I hardly knew at all, but he made himself right at home. He swam around in my energy field. He glided and swirled around me like an eel. Not only did he soak up the heart chakra energy, he also sent out to me what seemed like electricity. This electricity opened my heart chakra even further and I began to channel universal energy through my crown chakra and out my heart. This intensified the experience for everyone involved. It was truly incredible, and almost ecstatic!

It is a simple exercise for anyone who would like to do it. Imagine the heart chakra as a pink ball of light. This light should be crystal clear, and situated in the middle of your chest. Take a deep breath and allow the energy ball to grow until it is as big as you can get it. Then in your mind, send out the offer to share this heart chakra energy with anyone who would like to share it.

It's a great way to spread the love and raise your vibration.