Thursday, July 29, 2010

Past Life Regression

I have done well over forty in the last 6 years. There are so many benefits that I couldn't even begin to list them all. I have cured phobias, fixed health problems, and uncovered relationship patterns with certain people in my life. I will never stop stressing the importance of past life regression, and I will never stop being amazed at the way spirit uses this process as a way of delivering messages. I will add a category on the side column and start adding some of my previous regressions.

Yesterday was a down day for me. Couldn't really put my finger on any one reason, but I was feeling lonely and sad despite being at an overall happy place in my life. I ended up driving to the town where I grew up. It's comforting to be there, out in the country where I used to live, crops of tall corn offering a cooling break from the heat. And the smell of hay and mint. I was thinking that I should move back there and raise my son in the country.

No doubt the idea was lingering today when I decided to do a past life regression.

As always, before the regression I set my intent to find a past life that was relevant to a current situation. This time I decided to find a life that related to why I have a difficult time being present and happy.

I used Doreen Virtue's Past-Life Regression with the Angels CD.

I find myself going through a tunnel of light, an Eagle appears in front of me. I exit the tunnel and look at my feet. I am wearing moccasins, roughly made, and stitched with rawhide. I expect to find myself in a dress but I am wearing pants. I wonder if girls wore pants then and realized I was a boy. I am 14 and it is in the early part of the 19th century. (1838?) We are in a part of Mexico that is now the US.

Our home is round. I expect it to be a tee-pee, but as I look closer at it, I see it is made of earth.

It is time for the evening meal and my mother is putting stew in wooden bowls for the family. I recognize my mother as my mother now. She is nice to me in the life I see and this surprises me because of other lifetimes we have shared. I have a sister then who is my sister now. There is also a brother and another young man present. He could be a brother or a friend of my brother or mine. I see a stately older man. It is hard to tell how old he is, but there are deep creases on his face. However, they don’t seem like wrinkles. He could be my father or grandfather. I think he is the chief because I know that I am in line to be chief.

As I get older there is some debate among the tribe elders and a decision for me. I could become the chief, but there are those who wish for me to take up my calling as a healer and “one who dreams while awake”.

I see myself at the end of that life. (I am not shown which choice I make.) But as I die of old age I have no regrets over what choice I made. My family is around me and my young grandson who is my favorite is there. When he is older, he will be faced with the same choice as me.

I see the eagle again. He turns into a golden angel waiting to take to the spirit realm. The angel says to me, “Come home. The earth still carries the memory of who you were. Come back and remember.” (I was shown something about DNA that I didn’t really understand, but got the impression it had to do with cell memory.)

I was shown 6 people in that life that will be in my life if I move back to the place I was then, but I was not shown who those people would be today. I know at least 3 of them will be good friends.

Part of the fun of a past life regression is the research that I do afterwords. Today I found this map of Mexico in the year 1838.

I also looked up the meaning for Eagle as an animal totem in a website I have bookmarked.
The eagle is symbol of the zenith. A great reminder of your own ability to soar to great heights. Eagles are messengers from heaven and are the embodiment of the spirit of the sun. Those with an Eagle totem need to have an involvement with creation; a willingness to experience extremes; a willingness to use your ability even if it means getting "scorched" a little as you fly high; a willingness to seek out your true emotions. A demanding totem, but one that offers so much reward at the end of the journey. Its four-toed feet remind you to stay grounded even when soaring high; Its talons remind you to grasp the things of the earth; Its sharp beak shows you when to speak, how much, and how strongly. This totem will show you opportunities and how to ride the winds to your benefit. Eagle people can live in the realm of the spirit yet still remain connected and balanced within the realm of the Earth. You must become much more than you ever dreamed possible.

Today's past life regression was a gentle reminder that happiness is waiting in the southwest desert where I once lived a happy and peaceful life surrounded by family and friends.

[Edit] August 18, 2010

Today I received in the mail a travel brochure for Utah's canyon lands. There was a map inside and the bottom portion of the map was highlighted in red. When I saw it the hair stood up on my arms. I see the words "Navajo Tribal Park". This speaks to me.

I looked up Navajo in Wikipedia where I see the word 'Hogans', which leads me to another article where I find this picture.

This is exactly like the one I saw in my regression! Size, shape, everything.

That is so cool!

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