Monday, June 6, 2011

Neurobiology and Happiness (a.k.a, The Smiley Meditation)

I have been doing a lot of reading lately. I have had the chance to re-read my Kryon books. Kryon is a group of angels who channel through Lee Carroll. I love the feel of the information. It is very uplifting. I also bought a new book called Buddha's Brain,The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom.

On the surface it may not seem like the two books would have anything in common. However, they seem to compliment each other very well.

I was in the middle of Kryon Book 10 the day Buddha's Brain came in the mail. I stopped reading right where I was and started the new book. The following is from the last couple of pages I read in Kryon Book 10 before I started on the new book.


What is predisposed in your body? What disease are you going to get because your brother got one or your sister or cousin? This is plain talk. Why don't you eliminate that? This information is about self-empowerment. It's about asking yourself, the Divine-Self, questions about God. Use the power of your own Human consciousness in what you've called intent, every day of your life. Talk to your cellular structure. Maybe it's time you stopped talking with Spirit for a while and instead talked to the Higher-Self within? Do you know that there are trillions of cells waiting for the boss to talk to them?

Some of you have never even addressed your cellular structure, and you wonder why it is out of balance! Have you ever sat down and had a meeting with your body? Perhaps this is something to do alone and not around your friends [good advice]. Then after you've healed yourself and balanced yourself and enabled yourself, they might notice. "Whatever happened to that problem you used to have?" they might ask. And you could say, "Well, I had a meeting with my cells, and boy, were they glad to hear from me! Because I never talked to them before. I've been alive all these years and I never knew I could. You won't believe what they were going to do on their own! So I rewrote their schedule. I created something - a longer life." Now perhaps you'll also start understanding how peace is created in you and what happens when a number of people create peace in themselves...

Ahhh, talk to my cells...

I have done something similar in the past. I used visualizations and affirmations to cure a very serious health condition. I know first-hand that it is possible to redirect the way the body works.

When I ordered Buddha's Brain I wanted to learn to be happy. I wanted a general, sustainable, every-day feeling of happiness. The last couple of months have been very difficult for me, and I really want to get past it. I want to feel like I did before. And (in true Mishell fashion) I wanted it quickly.

I found what I needed within the first chapter of the new book.

Don't let the word neuroscience intimidate you. This is really easy to understand.

Neurons release neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that send signals to cells. The neuron releases the neurotransmitter, which travels across the synapse (the tiny space between cell and neuron), and moves into it's place at the other side of the synapse. It looks like this:

If I wanted to use this information to create a visualization for increased happiness, what would those neurotransmitters look like? They'd look like this:

I know it's funny and seems simplistic, but that's exactly the point! It is simple. And I have had terrific success making myself feel better using this visualization. I close my eyes, take a couple deep breaths, and think about my cells filling with these smiley-faced neurotransmitters. I am immediately filled with a sense of well-being. Sometimes I am even brought to laughter. If that isn't healing, what is??

What do you think the outcome would be if you used this simple meditation on a situation that makes you sad? What would happen in your body if you infused that situation with happiness?