Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I began journaling my spiritual experiences on January 1, 2005. The "weird" things had been happening for quite a while, and by that point I had figured out much of what was going on. I was able to put a name to it at any rate. I was psychic.

The first entry in my journal was a past life regression. I was comfortable with the concept of past lives, and frankly, it made so much more sense to me than the idea that we only get one chance at life. I used oracle cards and tarot, but the idea of mediumship scared the hell out of me. I wanted nothing of it. And so the way it started was a surprise.

At the time I worked in a factory. My job was to watch a machine transfer computer chips form one disk to another... for 12 hours at a time... It was tedious to say the least.

I had just come back from my lunch break and had a clear and deep feeling that I needed to write something. It was almost as if there was a voice telling me do so. I opened my email and addressed a message to myself, with no idea what I was going to write. Without thinking about it I wrote, "This is what I know."

I remember typing it.

However, I don't remember anything that happened after that until I looked at the clock and saw that an hour had passed. I nervously looked over to my machines and saw that they were running fine, and to my amazement, I had even transferred cassettes and reset the machine a couple of times! Then I went back and read what I and written.
the way most of the world thinks of time is wrong. It is not linear. In that space on the other side, time does not exist. Every "time" is now. We, here, have developed an altered state of actual time (or non-time) to deal with all of the realities that we are bombarded with. It is easier for our unconnected minds (unconnected to the universal mind) to understand.

Although there is some reality to our physical self, our consciousness is tied to the Universal mind. Through this mind we can adjust the physical. When we have access to the Universal, we should affect change in our being and environment. The Universe requires this of us. It is our duty to those who do not know they have access to the Universal mind.

With this view of time, alternate realities should not be an abstract idea. Every thing is in existence, happening right now, on a different level, not in a different time (past or present). This is why our physical selves are formed and transformed by knowledge of our alternate selves ("past lives"), because these things are happening now to our other selves.

The world we see is not some mass hallucination. It is a physical reality that can and, for the most part, should be manipulated to create a higher awareness for those who are still unconnected to the Universal mind. I see this as an obligation. It is something that those who are connected wrote into our life contracts before we were incarnated into this physical reality. Therefore, to ignore it would be to deny ourselves of our purpose. (I guess what I just said was that our purpose is to aid in creating a higher awareness for those who are still unconnected to the Universal mind, or the God figure.) Accomplishing our purpose will end the incarnation process.

Most people feel the need to humanize the Universal mind by calling it a God. It is not human. It is a consciousness, an energy force. It created us, and we are made of it. To say that "god is within us" is correct to a degree. Our spirits, higher selves, subconscious minds are a part of it. Our physical selves are comprised of the planetary elements. Our spirits do not inhabit our bodies, but are more like a cloud, existing in and around our physical bodies.

When I got home I printed the email and taped it to my journal. The date was October 18, 2005.

Some of the things I wrote sounded like things that I believed. Others were things I had never thought of. I was amazed, thrilled, and frightened at the same time.

It was nearly a year later before it happened again, when I started channeling an angelic group who called themselves The Beings of Celestial Light and Intelligence.

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