Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Petition to the Universe (Please Sign)

Upon the recommendation of a dear friend, I started reading the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elisabeth Gilbert. The heroine of the book is going through a particularly nasty divorce and her friend suggests to her that she petitions the Universe. "You are part of this Universe," her friend says. "You are a constituent - you have every entitlement to participate in the actions of the Universe, and to let your feelings be known..."

That is what I am going to do here today.

Dear Universe,

I understand that you see the bigger picture. I do not have knowledge of what is best for everyone involved from my vantage point, but I have some requests that I'd like you to consider before all the plans are made.

1. Please intervene and resolve the issue of where my son and I will live.

2. I grew up without a father, and I would really like it if my son did not have to go through the pain of knowing what that feels like. Please help us find a place to live, in an English-speaking place, where his father can be close to him and they can spend time together.

3. Please resolve this matter swiftly because everyday that goes by I think it will be the last day I can handle living the way I am. My mind is a jumble of dis-joined thoughts. I have lost the ability to concentrate on anything for longer than a few minutes. My memory has escaped me. And everything I say or do seems to be wrong. I am incredibly isolated and lonely, and even having internet access doesn't resolve this feeling like it used to.

4. Please see that we will have a group of friends of like mind wherever we move. People with whom to discuss spiritual topics, peace-loving people, but also grounded enough that we can enjoy what this world has to offer us. I want my son to be as social as he wants to be, and to grow up in a close knit group of friends. I want close friendships too.

5. Please see that I can support myself financially with my psychic/healing work. Please see that I can make a maximum amount of money in a minimum amount of hours.

6. I ask that my son spends as little time as possible in a non-family child-care environment. I want to be his main child-care, not some stranger. Please help his father and I find a way to coordinate our jobs and free time so that our son benefits as well as us.

7. I know my son's father and I barely even like each other anymore, but please help us keep this from our son. Help us treat each other with kindness and respect so that our son grows up to treat others with kindness and respect.

8. Please help us all to find our happiness and freedom, and become better people.

In All Sincerity,

If you would like to sign this petition, please do so in the comment section. Thank you. :-)

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