Wednesday, October 20, 2010

June 2, 2007

Time is a collection of memories.
Like the clouds rolling by, you see something that is not really there. They are just an accumulation of gasses.
Do you feel the gasses with your hands? Can you grab hold of them?
No. Not with your physical senses.
The concept of time is the same.
It can not truly be understood with the physical senses you have available to you.
That is really how you go about learning, by relating things to your physical senses.
Some things remain irrational. That is, they can not be conceived by your rational mind.
You think of time as a pathway because you know what it feels like to walk down a pathway.
You perceive yourself taking one step after another and moving in a particular direction.
Your knowledge is limited by your perception.
The true nature of time is unavailable to you in your reality because you lack the necessary point of reference.
As the door between worlds continues to open, you will experience the unexplainable.
Your point of reference will expand.
You will begin to see that light, time, and space are the same.
They are the same as you; pure energy.
Knowing your Real self in this way will bring about a state of love that truly is All That Is.

Do not feel defeated.
You are experiencing rapid growth.
Your mind is open and knowledge is being infused, stored in your memory bank, the sub-conscious mind.
Be patient.
When you are ready, the walls of this bank will crumble and you will have full access.
You will know what to do with this knowledge.

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