Wednesday, October 20, 2010

July 1, 2007 (b)

Meditate to open your channels.
Avoid harsh chemicals, as they will pollute the stream and the flow.
We are here to help you with that if you call on us to do so.
Never doubt that our love and well-wishes are with you.
You are here for a grand task, the details of which are being withheld from you for the time being.
Build up your strength and your confidence and the details will be explained to you in time.
Do not fret or be impatient, as there is groundwork to be accomplished first.
You are making great strides and are progressing rapidly, but there is still much to be learned.
Ground yourself to be ready for it all.
You are walking in two worlds and are growing accustomed to the atmospheric differences in the other dimensions. Know that you are not alone in your explorations. There are others like you who are experiencing these shifts in consciousness as well. These are your soulmates, members of your soul group.
Your “twin flame” oversoul/archetype will appear to you out of this group.
Do not be anxious. The work is done.
Know that great happiness is yours.

The Beings of Celestial Light and Intelligence

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