Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Pain In the Neck

This was my first past life regression. It took place on January 1, 2005.

The intent with this regression was to find the source for the extreme neck, back, and shoulder pain I had had for years.

I found myself on a guillotine, my body writhing, trying to get free of the ties around my hands and feet. My present-day self physically felt all the tension in my jaw, back, and neck from that earlier time period. It was overwhelming!

I saw the blade coming down. I took several attempts before my head was cut off and I was aware through the whole thing, mentally screaming out, "My head, my head, my head!" and "They don't like me!"

I remembered reading that you don't have to re-live the experience when you do a past life regression so I told myself to go to the observer position. Immediately, my perspective switched to a point outside of the body. I saw her twitching and convulsing on the bench while her head dropped into a basket. There were two more girls in line to be killed.

Instantly, I saw what led up to this moment.

The year was 1792 and we were a family of gypsies who came from an area that was once Russia. We were somewhere in Bavaria. We were metal-smiths and we sold our trinkets everywhere we went. My father was the leader of our group and we all knew that we were to make money any way we could. We lived by a different value system than the people in the villages, and were led by different morals.

My sisters and I were prostitutes, and I was a mystic. I used divination cards and a crystal ball, and I remember making fun of the people who came to have me read for them. They liked having me use the crystal ball, believing it was magic, but I didn't need it to see their future. My psychic gifts ran in the family.

There was a young man in the nearby village who had fallen in love with me. He came to see me one morning and asked me to marry him. I laughed in his face and told him no. He told me this was my last chance and ran off humiliated and angry. Then it seemed like everything that came next happened all at once.

There had been villagers hiding in the bushes, men and women with makeshift weapons and bows and arrows. The attack on my family was brutal. Some fled into the forest, but most were slaughtered where they stood. I tried to run but someone grabbed me by the hair and threw me down. They tied my hands and feet and put me in a wagon with my two sisters. Those who were nearby threw things at us and called us names. I screamed at them that they were hypocrites. They were punishing us for what we did, but they were the ones who paid us and sought us out for our services.

We were taken to the village where a guillotine had been erected. Villagers crowded around to watch our death.

As I died, I realized that it was greed, selfishness, and my arrogance that had brought our family to its end.

I recognized several people from that time who were in my life at the time of the regression. One of my sisters then is my sister now. The other sister was a very good friend at the time, and the man who asked me to marry him was a coworker.

This regression uncovered a lot of personal issues for me, but it did not relieve the pains in my neck, back, and shoulders. It took two more regressions with the same intent to get to the heart of that problem.

Even after all the regressions I have done this one stands out to me the most. Not because it was my first, but because the moment I entered that lifetime I knew that this group of gypsies were my ancestors.

I was my own ancestor.

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