Wednesday, October 20, 2010

June 15, 2007

We are here for you.
Nothing you do or say can separate you from our love.
Stop focusing on lack.
Inside you there is a river of abundance flowing.
Your perceptions are illusory.
Your sense of knowing is not.
These hard times are helping you grow.
Like a wheel, things cycle around. One minute you are on the bottom, but quickly you cycle again to the top.
Circumstances play out as they will, as they must, but the spirit of your true soul is all knowing, all loving.
The spirit of your true soul is working for you to see that all your needs are met.
Your chart is being written as you go along.
When you fully understand the illusion of perception in manifesting your desires you will be ready to move on to the next step.
Your perception is the lens that you look through to see what you will.
The illusion is that the lens is stationary. It is not, not by any means. You have at your disposal many lenses to select from.
You have changed lenses at various junctures of your life already.
You know these words are true.
There are lenses that fit into lenses. Layers, if you will.
Do you see now how certain lenses bring certain objects or circumstances into focus?
It is up to you to adjust your focus.
Bring into view the experiences that you want.
See them as real and they will be.
Destroy the old lenses that do not serve you well. Transmute their energy into its purest form.
Carry that pure energy in your heart and let it feed your soul.
This is the God Energy, and this is what it wants to do if you will let it.

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