Wednesday, October 20, 2010

July 22, 2006

We come from a level few have conceived of.
We are beings of light and sound, although not the light and sound you are familiar with.
Our light can not be seen with the eyes.
Our light resonates with a sound that can not be heard with the ears.
Our light and sound can not be separated into two distinct things because they are one.
Some on your planet have experienced our presence.
To some our presence is a high-pitched hum.
To some it is a sensation felt throughout the body, a sensation centered in the heart chakra.
To some our presence is known by little twinkles of pale blue light that can be seen when the eyes are shut.
We are trying to help you through this time of your quickening, through this rapid rate of human evolution.
To you who feel as if you are existing outside of your bodies, we ask you to listen to our message.
We will show you how to merge with the energy of the universe and feel it pulsating with love.

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