Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Balancing Lifetimes of Cruelty

(When I do a past life regression I don't censor the information as it come in because I am pretty focused on seeing what happens next. This was one of those cases where I was so surprised by part of what I saw that I had a hard time believing it. Most of it made perfect sense to me though!)

I was in the desert. The heat was suffocating. The air was heavy and thick with dust and sand. I was the assistant to the overseer in charge of building a very large stone pyramid.

I hated my boss. He was cruel and selfish and cared nothing about the workers.

He had been given a budget to build the pyramid, but was able to siphon off money for himself by underpaying the workers and rationing their food to the point they nearly starved. He used the money he stole to have a palace built for himself while the workers and I lived in tents.

Our race had been given a gift of technology. It was unobtrusive and yet very powerful. It looked like a stick or a wand, and was about 20 inches long. There were tiny symbols imprinted onto one end, and when it was placed near a stone brick in a certain way the stones became lighter. They could even be made to levitate. Use of this technology was explained on a set of scrolls that the overseer kept in his possession at all times.

The overseer was in charge of the use of this technology and would with-hold it according to his whim, forcing the workers to move and lift the giant stone bricks with nothing but their strength.

Like I said, I hated him for his cruelty. And I hated him because he made me carry out the cruel punishments.

I decided to kill him, steal the scrolls, and ease the burden of the workers.

It was night time when I sneaked into his house. I hid behind a heavy curtain and waited. It was early morning when he came into the room. He had his back to me as he picked something up off of the table. I crept up behind him and put my hand on his shoulder. As he turned around, I stabbed him in the guts. I had enough time to notice that my hand felt warm before I remembered to grab the scrolls and run. However, as I was attempting to leave, his body guards ran in and stabbed me.

I was in shock as they picked me up and threw me outside just as the sun was coming up. I slowly bled to death as I watched the sun inch across the sky. Unable to move, I bled and burned until I finally left my body.


The overseer was someone who is very close to me in this life. Despite being "close", we never had an ideal relationship. Nothing I ever did was good enough to please, and I can say that our reactions toward each other have always been of general dislike. Harsh, I know, but I'm not going to sugar-coat it.

This lifetime building the pyramid, and a few others with this same soul, gave me such deep insight.

In this life she was abandoned and abused by nearly every adult in her life. She was sexually abused and a kid and raped when she got older. It is a wonder she grew into a functioning adult at all.

My attitude toward her changed dramatically when I was able to see the growth of her soul. I can't look at her with out seeing a soul who was cruel and violent turn into someone who abhors violence of any kind. And I have compassion for her for the lives she must have lived that I wasn't a part of (and therefor unable to examine through past-life regression). It can take many lifetimes for that kind of karma to even itself out. And from what I know of her life, she must have gained a lot of balance this time around.

For what it's worth, my attitude change helped things between us a little bit. But, we still have a long way to go...

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