Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gifting Heart Chakra Energy

It was a spur of the moment idea. I had been doing energy work and clearing my chakras. My heart felt so full of love it was spilling over. So with my thoughts and intention, I invited anyone who wanted to share this energy with me.

With my mind's eye, I saw the space around me fill with people who wanted to share the energy. Some of them I knew, and some were total strangers.

Their reactions took me by surprise. For the most part, the strangers appeared to me as shadows. They filed in, stood in my energy field, and left with no emotion. They remained shadows. However, those I knew appeared with their full personalities.

I began doing this exercise as a result of some information I channeled in December and have been doing it almost daily ever since.

There is always something unique that happens with every session and I find it beautiful the way our collective spirit(s) responds to the invitation of love.

Here are a few of the experiences that stand out the most to me...

I have seen strangers bring friends with them. And have also noticed that the number of strangers that show up increases every time I do the exercise. Sometimes I get a scene in my mind's eye of a busy hospital waiting room. And that is appropriate in a way because heart chakra energy is healing energy.

E is someone I have known for a really long time. She is a dear friend and she knows I love her because I have told her many times. However, when I sent out the thought to share the heart chakra energy, she stood just at the edge of the energy field. She looked very sad, as if she thought the invitation was for everyone else and not her. I had to specifically invite her in.

Another friend I'll call C jumped right in and started dancing around, pleased as punch to be there! This made me laugh, as she always does.

L is a bit aloof in life, but when I sent out the intention to share the energy, he was one of the first to arrive. He hugged me and would not let go throughout the entire exercise. In fact, this is the way he responds nearly every time I offer to share heart chakra energy.

J was a brand new friend who I hardly knew at all, but he made himself right at home. He swam around in my energy field. He glided and swirled around me like an eel. Not only did he soak up the heart chakra energy, he also sent out to me what seemed like electricity. This electricity opened my heart chakra even further and I began to channel universal energy through my crown chakra and out my heart. This intensified the experience for everyone involved. It was truly incredible, and almost ecstatic!

It is a simple exercise for anyone who would like to do it. Imagine the heart chakra as a pink ball of light. This light should be crystal clear, and situated in the middle of your chest. Take a deep breath and allow the energy ball to grow until it is as big as you can get it. Then in your mind, send out the offer to share this heart chakra energy with anyone who would like to share it.

It's a great way to spread the love and raise your vibration.


Sarah said...

Love this! I've been doing this all week! :)

lorilee said...

I love it too, I tried it this am and I got a chest size crystal ball that got really warm. I sent out my request to share and nothing happened. I plan on being mindful with this exercise every am. thanks mishell! xoxoxo