Saturday, December 18, 2010

Love and Healing

This is information I channeled today. Only a small portion of it turned out to be personal information (and that has been omitted). It is good general information that everyone would do well to remember.

The questions I had were on expressing love and healing.

Recently I have been confronted with a situation in other people that made me see the need to examine myself. The issue has to do with heart chakra blockages. I questioned the ethics of removing blocks in other people after doing the initial healing that they asked for. Is it OK to go back and do more work on them after the fact? Here we have an answer...

This is something you/we have been waiting for, the chance to share this information.

Come now and wake up from the illusion you have been laboring under. (The word laboring was chosen because it carries with it the connotation of great effort. It is a lot of work to maintain the illusion.) Awaken to your true identity! You are the creator of your world. You choose the emotion you feel. You choose your thoughts and your actions.

Choose the peaceful path, the path of ease...

(The gist of the omitted portion has to do with the reason why we choose negative emotions. In studying psychology you will learn that the brain automatically will stick with a thought pattern that is negative and familiar over one that is unfamiliar and carries the potential for a positive outcome. Unfamiliar being interpreted as negative...)

You deserve love if you want it.You are love! God is love, and you are god! Share yourself with others. Express yourself with love and others will be drawn to you. Let your love for humankind radiate out around you. Those who vibrate love will be drawn to you like a magnet.

Remove the blocks from around your heart chakra daily. Remove them for yourself first and then for anyone else you wish. Healing is not an invasion of privacy or a violation of trust. On the spirit level we are all one. When you heal another, you heal yourself...

Your (individual human) situation is unique in that you view it through the lens of your past experience. This is the illusion that creates the feeling of separateness. But you are never alone.

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