Monday, November 29, 2010

The Disappearance of a Dream

"Who can really say upon what foundations our deepest desires are built? We may think we know ourselves, and yet there are always things that remain hidden from view. Just under the surface of our psyche lies a largely unknowable core of beliefs. These beliefs exist in our energetic field in a manner which is electrical and non local. I mean to say that a certain point of energy, the belief, may or may not be related to the point of energy (belief) that seems to be next to it in the linear form."

OK, so that was a little confusing, right?! I'll tell you what just happened...

I have been turning it over in my mind for over a month now about including a post about repressed memories. When I sat down to start this post I could tell that I was channeling, as the language and writing style was not my own. I call this an information download. This happens quite often, and is generally the way in which I receive information when I give readings. Sometimes it feels like an information bomb has been dropped on me and so I scurry around and try to line up all of the pieces and relate them back in a linear way that makes sense to the client, or reader (as the case might be).

So back to the above quote... That was part of the information download. I will try to make more sense of it by sharing with you how it relates to my life and the changes that manifested.

Obviously, this isn't "new" information. It has long been known that memories can cause seemingly random physical sensations. Further, when the memory is brought to the surface and cleared from the energy field, the physical component of that memory is cleared away as well. For example, the child who is teased at school may later develop stomach pains as an adult when they feel judged. Uncover the memory, and the stomach pains go away.

I have been working through some problems with my body-image. I made it a point recently to ask my spirit helpers to do what they do best. Help. By the next day, I received their help in a way in which I didn't expect. I lay down to meditate and out of the blue I was back in my own childhood body. I got the sense I was somewhere between the ages of 8 and 10. I was completely blind. But I could feel what was going on. And I could smell...

It was the smell that brought the memories flooding back.

If you have been reading my blog for any time at all you will know that I have been looking for a place to call home. Somewhere to feel at home. I have had many ideas on what this place would look like and where it would be. However, it generally boiled down to a small country house with a tall fence around it. Safe. Cozy. Safe.

When the repressed memories stopped I found myself out of my body in a void. Despite being out of body, the energy was tactile. I felt enormous and tiny at the same time.

I saw a point of energy and it began to get larger and larger until I could make out that the home I had been envisioning was in front of me, encased inside a bubble. Then the bubble began to float away and eventually burst. I could see the energy it was comprised of dissipate, leaving nothing of the house, or for that matter, the dream of the house.

In the following days and weeks, I was surprised to find that all emotion associated with this dream for a home of my own had dissipated. I did not desire the house I had been envisioning. I'm not attached to the idea at all anymore. Sure I can imagine the house or something like it and say that it would be nice to live there. But I can equally say that it would be nice to live somewhere else, in a different kind of house.

There were farther reaching effects as well. This energy bubble seemed to also include my ultimate dream for the business I wanted to create. In a way, I guess this makes sense as the business idea was built upon the foundation of the desperate need I had to create a home.

In any case, my dream was suddenly gone.

I'm left in a strange situation. What do I focus on without the dream? What do I want now? What do I work towards?

I have found my goals have become less long-term and more reflective of the now. I have found it is so much easier to live in the moment when I am not looking to some future goal to provide me with happiness. Happiness is here now. I just have to take a deep breath and face it.

On the surface I never knew that my dream for a home or the business goal I had was created out of childhood abuse. On the surface I hadn't remembered this abuse. But on the energetic level, these things were so tied to one another that when the abuse was brought to the surface the dream dissipated. And now I'm left with more of something I adore. Freedom.

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