Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Strangest Thing That Has EVER Happened to Me

Imagine being me... I can communicate with dead people, see the past, feel other people's emotions, and see future potentials. I do psychic healing, channel beings from who-knows-where, astral project, and read auras. I can tell what people look like before I've seen their face, have experienced missing time, and experienced the pure love of the universe, etc, etc.

So when I say this is the strangest thing that has ever happened, you kind of have to take that into the context I detailed above...

A week ago, my son and I left for a little vacation. I wanted to visit a few towns I was considering a possible move to. 

We arrived to the first town and was immediately struck by how kind everyone was. Friendly and chatty. I was offered help and answers to questions. I really liked the place. After driving around town, and getting a feel for the place, I decided I really like it there and would certainly move there. But I still had a couple more places to look at.

The second night we were there we had dinner with some old friends who happen to be from the second town on my trip list. She told me something that made me strike that town off of my list. I was grateful for her past experience there and was glad to have her perspective.

So, our trip was shortened and we were headed for the coast. But the weather started getting bad... We drove through snow for two hours and when someone on the radio mentioned mountain passes, I pulled over and decided I needed to find out how the roads were. I had no internet signal and could not get a single person on the phone to check the road reports for me. I had to make a decision on the spot. I decided to go back the way we came...

First attempt to leave town foiled by bad weather...

Here is where it starts to get strange.

I had found my way around town beautifully the whole time I was there. On the morning of my second attempt to leave town, the desk clerk at the hotel gave me the name of a property management company that he used when he moved there. As it was just off the main road that headed out of town I decided to stop. When I was done there I got onto the road out of town and headed east. I knew where I was because I had been there for 4 days, AND I had made this drive many, many times in the last 18 years... I crossed the main road that goes north and south through town. I passed the businesses and state park that told me I was on my way home.

Everything was familiar!

And then all of a sudden IT WAS NOT!

I can not tell you what happened.

I knew exactly where I was, and then without making a single turn, I was lost. I kept driving, thinking that my memory had played a trick on me and blamed the unrecognizability (had to make up that word) of everything on the fact that I was making the drive at a different time of day. After a little while the road I was on started to get narrower. The trees were getting denser. I passed a road crew. Drove a couple more miles and the road came to dead end.

It was obvious something was wrong. ;-)

I turned around and when I got back to the road crew I asked for directions. The guy looked at me like I had purple broccoli growing out of my ears. He told me that I was 20 miles south of town.

As sure as I was that I had gone the right direction on my way out of town, I was willing to concede that I may have made a mistake. But as I drove through town and got back on the same east-bound highway, and started recognizing all the same businesses, and the same state park, I started freaking out a little bit. This was the way I had come and hour and a half ago.

We pulled into a McDonald's, where I could get internet access, and waited there for nearly an hour until I calmed down. As this seemed to be the perfect opportunity do do some social networking, I did so... A couple friends jokingly said maybe I was supposed to stay in town. I think there is truth in that!

Ever since I started seriously considering this place as somewhere we could move, I have been experiencing odd energy sensations. There were overwhelming feelings of familiarity in parts of town that I had never been to before. And it even seemed like I already knew some of the people!

As much as I don't like the term "supposed to", I absolutely know that something is waiting for me in this town! And it feels like something good.

We left McDonald's, got back on that same east-bound highway, and headed home. Again.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened this time.

The next day I turned in notice on my apartment. A good friend volunteered to help me move. She will be here December 7 and we will make the drive together.

And so my next crazy adventure begins... 

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