Monday, May 31, 2010

Beautful Sychronicity

It has been no secret that I really didn't want to move back to the town I lived in before moving to Germany. I was dreading it, in fact. However, this is where the signs pointed, and after dragging my feet for months, I finally moved back.

To say that this step has been rewarded would be an understatement.

My son and I stayed with a friend of mine for nearly a week when we first got back. The day I started to look for our own place we viewed an apartment that ended up to be too small for us. I was disappointed because it was in a part of town that I would have like to have lived in. But, I had to go with my gut despite really wanting that place to work out.

The next day I found 3 places that I like and called the numbers listed. One of the places kept standing out to me. In fact, it looked illuminated on the paper. It was really no surprise to me when the landlord for that apartment was the first one to call me back. What was a surprise is she turned out to be a good friend from about 15 years ago who I had lost contact with.

Just based on the ads this apartment was not my fist choice. The first and biggest problem I had with it was it was a 4-plex, not a house. I wanted my own little house so that I could plant a garden. I had been looking forward to growing my own veggies for a long time. But I went and looked at the apartment anyway.

The rooms were large. It had two bedrooms so my son would have his own room. There was a bathtub and shower in the bathroom, which was great because our last house only had a shower. The location was absolutely perfect, in the part of town I wanted to be in. A grocery store and laundromat within easy walking distance, very important because I don't have a driver's license as it expired while I was in Germany, and I don't have a car yet either. The apartment is across the street from an elementary school, so the little guy would have a playground. Everything looked great and the landlord (my old friend's husband) gave the keys right then and there.

It looked like they were in the middle of landscaping, and I asked what they were going to plant. He said he wasn't sure yet and asked if I had any preference. I told him that I really wanted to grow some vegetables and he said I could plant whatever I wanted. I was thrilled!

I met my old friend later that day to sign the lease and instead of having to prepay my rent because I don't have a job (like I had anticipated having to do) she didn't even make me pay a deposit! What luck!!

We moved in and have found the people in our area to be so nice. People say hi and smile when you pass them on the sidewalk. Strangers stop for a little chat. Everyone smiles at my son and they say nice things to him. It so opposite from where we came from! I say Thank You everyday that we were directed to move back to this town.

My son is thriving, getting back to his old happy self. He gets more exercise and is sleeping better. And I am happy to finally be home.

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Siggy Spice said...

very happy for you Mishell!