Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thoughts on the Occupy Movement

You can't force spiritual evolution.
Not only is it impossible, it can be damaging to the souls involved. What is greed? It is a deep-seated fear of lack mixed with arrogance. Instead of wanting one's needs met, the ego needs its wants met. And it will go out of its way to satisfy this never ending-desire.

How can this be changed? The soul needs to grow up.

When we begin the process of incarnating for spiritual development, we are cut off from Source. The entire process is a journey to get back to Source. Or to put it in more accurate terms, it is a journey to remember oneness of spirit. As the soul ages in regards to its incarnation cycle, it becomes more "enlightened". That means it begins to recognize the light inside and reconnect with it. Eventually, over many lifetimes, the spirit grows up from this egoic, fear-based perspective and begins to act from a higher perspective. One that exemplifies oneness. By its actions, it shows to others that we are all one in spirit. We all come from the same source and make up that Source.

So, how can it be damaging to try to force spiritual evolution? We have to remember that young souls are full of fear. What happens if a hoarder has his fear of not having enough triggered? He frantically begins holding on to more stuff. This is exactly what is happening in the world regarding money. When the fear of those in control of the world's money is triggered, they will feel they must hold on tighter to it.

The good news is, as these souls develop spiritually, they will begin to see that the Universe is abundant and there is plenty to go around. Fear dissipates.

Violence begets more violence.
Now that these peaceful protests have turned violent they will get more media attention. Unfortunately, the attention will highlight the violence. This will have everyone who sees it focused on violence.

We get what we give our attention to. This is a basic universal principle.

What do you want to create? What are you giving your attention to?

When it comes down to it, every individual is making a choice who they are giving their money to every time they spend it. Whose wallet are you feeding?

The only person we change is ourselves. It is my hope that enough people start making adjustments in their own behavior that we begin to see a global evening-out of the abundance the Universe provides freely to us all.

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