Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Breakthrough!

Quite often I get an idea in my head and I can't think of anything else. I can't see anything else. This is what I have done regarding our upcoming move. I have become obsessed with finding the right place for my son and I to move. So obsessed, it seems, that I forget what is obvious. I forget what I already know.

I have been driving myself crazy for months asking for signs, getting answers, asking again, getting conflicting answers, becoming confused, becoming obsessed...

Today I pulled out the oracle cards and asked how to go about finding the right best place for my son and I to live.  As I lay out the reading the first card and last cards jump out at me. Protection and Letting Go. I didn't even read the rest of the cards that were on the table. The Protection card reminds that "the subject of your inquiry cannot in any way hurt you as long as you ask for protection". I knew Letting Go was referring to the need to let go of my grip on finding an answer. 

I centered myself, took a deep breath, and asked for protection. For a split second I could feel myself letting go.

There was a shift in the energy around me. Then I saw a forest in front of me. The ground shuffled and the trees moved in such a way that it created a clear pathway. I heard a voice say,  "Any where you go will be safe as long as you ask for protection..."  As I was writing the message down, something else took over and I began automatic writing, channeling.

This was the message I had received:
The answer is not in WHERE you should move. It is in your STATE-OF-MIND while you are there.

Move anywhere you like, but align your thinking and intention with spirit and you will find success and happiness. You will create it!

This feels like a real answer. At last!

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