Monday, March 8, 2010

"The Universe Sure Takes Care of You!"

In my dream I was in a coastal town. For some reason I had it in mind that it was Amsterdam, but it looked more like the Oregon coast (where we're actually moving). There were lots of tourists and I was a seasonal worker contracted because I spoke English. Only English speakers were hired. That was because ALL of the tourists turned out to be Americans.

I worked in a hotel. As a tip , someone gave me a smallish bag of what I thought was coins. I took the bag back to my room and discovered that they were jewels. Beautiful rings, encrusted with diamonds and sapphires.

There was a gem show going on in the hotel, so I took the jewels over. I walked into a room and saw a huge table full of jewelry. There was one man seated there. He looked like a big, fat, Greek, mafia type. I handed him one of the rings. He examined it and said something (I don't know what he said). Then he pulled out a 100 dollar bill and smoothed it out as he laid it on the table. He said I could have it if I would donate some of it to charity. I said OK, and he asked how much I was going to donate. I thought for a moment and said I'd donate $20. He seems pleased, and gave me the money. He said that because I gave more than the minimum he was going to give me a bonus. He then handed me a fifty dollar bill.

I woke up thinking this was a message to donate some money to charity. I was going to use the button I added to my blog for donating to Haiti, but when I opened my Facebook page this morning there was a message from a friend about the earthquake in Chile. I went to the Red Cross website and donated $20 to the Chilean relief fund straight away.

A couple of hours later I got an email from my son’s father offering a new suggestion on how we should split up the assets. As per our original agreement, I was expecting something close to another 2,250 €. His suggestion this morning offered me 3,500 € plus the money from selling all of our stored items.

I had been dreading bringing up the topic of the rest of the money I was owed because of the way he reacted the last time I brought it up. But then this, out of the blue, and right after a dream where I got a bonus for donating to charity…

The other day a friend of mine made a comment about how well the universe takes care of me. I guess he was right!

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