Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This morning I had one of my favorite kind of transcendental experiences. I saw beyond the illusion, to what our reality is made up of.

As I stood on my front step, I turned and looked back behind me. I saw what you would expect to see... The wall, the ground covered with little purple flowers, and a portion of the sky.

All of a sudden, the scene turned into a picture. It had lost its 3 dimensional quality. The picture fractured and pieces began to fall away. When the image was gone, I saw what was underneath. Nothing. There was nothing but blackness.

As I focused on the black I began to see energy. Waves and clouds. There were patterns in the energy and I could also make out symbols. It looked like a very long mathematical problem, but with letters and symbols I am not math-savvy enough to understand.

I have only seen similar "math problems" twice before.

The experience only lasted a moment. But as I stood there, surrounded by blackness, time stopped.

I found myself in authenticity.

I was at the nexus, experiencing the creation of the physical "reality" we humans cling to.

Sometimes I look at my life and see chaos. Sometimes I get to see the underlying order. And it feels as elementary as 1+1=2.

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Siggy Spice said...

W-O-W! What an experience :)